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This Internet marketing training course is one of the most comprehensive training courses on this subject, and once complete students will have all the knowledge required to successfully practice in this area. There are many jobs available in this area, see links at bottom of this page.

The Course

MODULE 1 - Understanding Search Engines

  • Find out how the search engine landscape is shaping up.
  • Discover how crawlers work and exactly what they do.
  • Learn how spiders deal with DNS, server problems and dynamic sites.
  • Get the basics on how search engines set priorities on what to index.
  • Learn how search engines store data about your web pages in a database.
  • Obtain behind-the-scenes information on how search queries are processed and ranked.

MODULE 2 - Search Engine Optimisation

  • Learn advanced keyword research and selection strategies.
  • Improve crawlability to get more of your site indexed.
  • Solve page layout and HTML issues.
  • Optimize the top five key elements of all your web pages.
  • Discover the best submission and paid-inclusion tactics.
  • Avoid getting banned or labeled as a search engine spammer.

MODULE 3 - Advanced SEO & Search Engine Friendly Design

  • Learn how tables, CSS layout, and frames affect indexing.
  • Deal with Flash, dynamic site, and server issues.
  • Create crawlable JavaScript menus.
  • Discover how dynamic web sites (CMS and shopping carts) affect SEO.
  • Avoid accidentally creating duplicate content for search engines and learn how to diagnose the problem if it happens.
  • Find and fix server and domain issues including dealing with multiple domains, redirects, affiliate program links, custom error pages, and domain name moves.
  • Understand advanced spider control and redirection strategies.

MODULE 4 - Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Go step-by-step through the pay-per-click advertising process on Overture and Google, including the crucial differences between the two.
  • Learn advanced "Dayparting," positioning, targeting, and distribution strategies.
  • Write ads that qualify and motivate visitors at the same time.
  • Get step-by-step advice on testing using quadrants, the A/B/C method, and benchmarking.
  • Gain advice on creating and testing landing pages for your campaigns.
  • Get tips on improving your conversion rate.
  • Get an overview of the PPC alternatives: paid inclusion, trusted feeds, and paid directory inclusion programs.

MODULE 5 - Link Building

  • Uncover how link analysis, hubs, and Google PageRank work.
  • Create a link strategy and manage your external profile.
  • Write press releases for maximum benefit
  • Understand how articles, blogs, RSS feeds influence site traffic
  • The do’s and don’ts of link baiting
  • How to effectively implement a paid link strategy

MODULE 6 - Running a Search Engine Marketing Business

  • Gain detailed advice on preparing to sell your services.
  • Uncover the essential services to offer, plus the processes and tools you’ll use.
  • Understand the services selling cycle, gaining experience and references.
  • Discover how to find prospects and write proposals that win the client.
  • Find the best ways to price your work.
  • Plan strategies for your clients, from keyword selection to content and links.
  • Discover how to conduct tracking and reporting for your clients.
  • Learn the advantages of outsourcing work to third parties.

Case Studies
To help put into perspective all the search engine optimisation techniques you’ve learned, we’ll walk through three real-life case studies in order to show off the theories in a practical context. Three very different situations will be explored, from a brand new site and its optimisation efforts, to the site and content optimisations of two existing sites, and their resultant rankings.

Get over a dozen pages worth of reviewed resources and tools to help you with your search engine marketing efforts, including reviews of analysis tools, PPC tools, and various keyword research services.

Internet Marketing Jobs

Jobs Available (Internet marketing)

Jobs Available (Search engine optimisation)